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Reviewed by Eliza M.

My mom is the kind of woman who has celebrated her 40th birthday for several years in a row now. If I weren't for the fact that I'm 29 years old, people would actually believe her. In any case, let me just state off the bat that I'm not a huge advocate of plastic surgery. I'm not against it (in fact, I completely intend to use plastic surgery to restore things to their "former glory" when the time is right) but I'm not one of those women who is out there getting "preventative botox" either.

My mom, up until this point, has aged gorgeously and naturally so when she told me she was planning to go get work done, I freaked out. Let's face it (no pun intended), there's a lot of plastic surgery that comes out looking less than normal.

The cosmetic "surgery" my mom ended up getting wasn't really surgery though, it was a skin-tightening non-surgical (NO CUTTING) procedure done by a Dr. Nodar Janas. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself but the results were truly fantastic. I have slight smile lines from years of smoking and am fully intending to have Dr. Janas work on me as well. I will keep you updated!

I treated my mother to a Botox session at MesoBoutique right before our cousin's wedding. It not only tightened up her skin and eliminated wrinkles, but it gave her so much confidence. Our relatives thought she looked wonderful and my mother was glowing the entire affair. Many of the other women wanted to know where she had the procedure done and we were happy to tell them at MesoBoutique. Dr. Janas was extremely nice and we would definitely use him in the future.

Marlene, Long Island, NY

I went into MesoBoutique wanting some form of cosmetic therapy but I wasn't exactly sure what type would be good for me. Dr. Janas took the time to thoroughly explain the procedures and the results allowing me to make the appropriate choice. Needless to say when I finished my phototherapy session my skin looked so much better and I felt much more confident. He truly is a genuine Doctor who cares about his patient's needs.

Nancy, New York, NY

I was feeling very ashamed of my skin because of my horrible acne. But Dr. Janas helped me understand there were safe ways to remove the blemishes and show my real beauty. We decided on a 6 layer chemical peel and I was able to see the difference in no time. The procedure relieved a lot of stress and anxiety I was having on a normal basis because of my skin. Dr. Janas is fantastic.

Amy, Staten Island, NY

I never even heard of the Titan, but after a very in-depth consultation with Dr. Janas it was very easy to realize it was the right procedure for me. It was painless and the results were phenomenal. It just goes to show you that a great doctor discusses all options with his patients instead of letting them blindly decide on their own. I'd use Dr. Janas again in a heartbeat.

Julia, Long Island, NY

Mesotherapy was such a better choice then liposuction. It was noninvasive, painless and the results were very quick. I saw weight loss in a few days and I'm going to make a real effort to keep it off. I want to thank Dr. Janas and the great staff at MesoBoutique for changing my outlook on my body.

Rose, Great Neck, NY

My daughter had the microdermabrasion procedure done at MesoBoutique right before prom. It really cleared up her skin and she was so happy with the results. I can tell her friends were shocked at how good her skin looked and my daughter couldn't stop smiling. I was so happy for her and it was obviously well worth every penny. Dr. Janas and everyone at MesoBoutique were great and made her feel so comfortable.

Donna, New York, NY

I was stunned at how beautiful the office was and felt like I was heading into an exclusive spa. Anyways, I have had Botox a few times but never at MesoBoutique. After meeting with Dr. Janas and seeing the results, I will never have it done anywhere else. Thanks for a job well done.

Tiffany, Queens, NY

I use Dr. Janas as my primary care physician and I must say there isn't a kinder doctor on the planet. He makes it simple to schedule appointments, he is always available for any question I may have, and he is great at what he does. He makes me comfortable and knows my name as soon as I walk through the doors. I highly recommend Dr. Janas to all my friends.

Jennifer, Long Island, NY

I have been battling with craters in my skin my entire life. My friend used Dr. Janas for her Botox treatments and recommended I meet with him to see what can be done. Well Dr. Janas and I decided on a procedure called fillers. The results were fantastic and now I know there is a way to eliminate that feeling of disgust when I would look at my skin. Thanks so much Dr. Janas, you are a lifesaver.

Jessica, Long Island, NY