MesoBoutique™ provides personalized primary care medicine and nonsurgical cosmetic therapy to patients of Dr. Nodar Janas, a Board-certified family doctor with offices in Great Neck, NY. Created as a solution to the trend in medicine that forces doctors to see more patients in smaller increments of time, MesoBoutique restores the traditional, personalized doctor-patient relationship.

Our focus is on preventative medicine – spending more time with patients in order to know and serve them better, and providing treatment when it’s needed – right away, not “when our calendar opens up.”

Whether it’s your annual physical, preventative immunizations or a surprise illness, rest assured that Dr. Janas will see you when you need his help, and will provide the in-depth consultation necessary to examine you, diagnose your problem, answer your questions, prescribe the appropriate treatment and monitor your progress.

Further, he provides personalized help with prescriptions and travel medicinal services, as well as referral and accompaniment to specialists, if needed. You can also email Dr. Janas and access your medical records electronically.

Patients who subscribe to this program pay a monthly retainer that assures 24/7 access to Dr. Janas. For more information on the retainer program and its benefits, please click here.

MesoBoutique also offers a number of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. For more information, please click here.