MesoBoutique™ provides personalized primary care medicine and nonsurgical cosmetic therapy to patients of Dr. Nodar Janas, a Board-certified family doctor with offices in Great Neck, NY. MesoBoutique is committed to enhancing the traditional doctor-patient relationship. Our patients enjoy same-day appointments, no waiting, extended visits and even house calls – the kind of personalized interaction and gracious treatment that people haven’t been able to expect from a family doctor in decades.

MesoBoutique offers a yearly club membership consisting of two distinguished levels. The programs include an extensive number of listed cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Janas.

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Mesoboutique's physician Nodar Janas, M.D. recently contributed an article about the TITAN procedure entitled "Procedure Making Headlines" in the October 2006 issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques.

Read it here, or in pdf format here.